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Vogue May 1960 Dorothea McGowan


Good/Very Good




714 Grams




Vogue May 1960. Cover Dorothea McGowan-The dress you can't get through summer without: it might be this narrow linen shaft, square-throated (though the throatline has been moved south), with a square linen dickey and an elasticized waist that's sash-belted. Here it's jonquil yellow, in Irish linen. Parasol-sized straw Breton by Mr. John. Coro bracelets. Photo by Leombruno-Bodi.

-Vogue's eye view of the last of the girl next door
-The sound of fashion - what makes a summer wardrobe tick
-New R month for pearls
-Summer black and brown; beauty byplays
-Mainbocher's pale silk partnership; limelit blue
-The permanent week-end clohtes list
-Short-cut to summer fashion: follow the pink line
-The fashion personality of Baroness Joel de Rosnay (Stella Jebb): her Paris clothes choices
-The fashion rasonance of summer suits
-The sunny disposition look
-Cotton du monde
-10 bathing suits for 2 different women
-For the new summer shoes: bare-brown stockings
-Vogue Printed Pattersn: Summer pillow talk
-Fashion Naturals U.S.A.: The purple and white connection
-Clothes on summer location-The 6-oz bathing suit

Features - Articles - People
-"Found: a Man's Word -- Iran." By Lanfranco Rasponi
-"The Grand Canyon of France." By Mary Robies henry
-12 Mistakes Worth Making
-"Mannequins." The great Colette wrote this and eleven other articles for French Vogue in 1925. We publish it, seventh in our series, for the pleasure of reading a skeptical woman with a precise style. By Colette
-"White Dominant." By Alexander Liberman
-People Are Talking About.....
-Buckminster Fuller and his dome: The most with the least - Engineer, cartographer, mathematician, philosopher, inventor, designer, machinist, sailor.   
-The mysterious ivory throne of Ivan the Great in the Kremlin
-"Moscow with a Fresh Eye." Knowledgeable notes on the Crown Treasures of Russia, the sights, the hotels and restaurants, the dazzle of entertainment, the collections of impressionist and modern paintings...the mechanics of going to the U.S.S.R. By Margaret Case
-Mrs. Fracis L. Kellogg; Mrs. Charles B. Wrightsman
-"The Best of the Best": Quick Tastes of the New Books
-Salty Delights of Lisbon

Fashion in Living
-"Unboring breakfasts."
-Plums, raspberries, strawberries - all for desserts
-Outdoor outlook - with indoor manners: six pages of garden-living ideas

-New sun-ripe lipstick for bamboo and brown
-Taking a chance on beauty
-The sound of beauty-new coral harmony
-12-minute exercise success, people-tested

Illustrations/sketches: René Robert Bouché, Dagmar Freuchen-Gale

Photographers: Leombruno-Bodi, Karen Radkai, Elliott Erwitt, David Douglas Duncan, Cecil Beaton, Frances Mclaughlin-Gill,Erich Locker, Henry Clarke, Rutledge, William Bell

Very good condition for vintage.

230 pages

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