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Vogue April 15 1968 Jean Shrimpton Twiggy Penelope Tree Liza Minnelli Avedon Dali

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Jean Shrimpton , Twiggy , Penelope Tree , Liza Minnelli , Avedon , Dali , Bert Stern

Richard Avedon's cover photo of Jean Shrimpton in a new role--the 18th century heroine, as Romney might have painted herall mauvy-pink and creamy white skin, fine as English porcelain, with delicious tendrils curling around the bowed turban(Adolfo).

-Vogue's eye view: the atmosphere of beauty. page 55. Photo by Richard Avedon. Veruschka, Duchess of Winsor's mother, Melina Mercouri definition of beauty.
-Jean Shrimpton - the looks of the great heroines. 8 pages of Jean Shrimpton as the 18th heroine.
Photo by Richard Avedon. Page 56 - 63.
-The veiled allure of Paris: the dazzling weskits. Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Lavin, Lesage, Charles Jourdan shoes.
Photos by Richard Avedon. Page 63 - 67.
-Summer fashion: the three-quarter dress for evening - hems frilled with ruffles and scallops; Indian prints; Edwardian lace; Empire waists; frosts of embroidery.
Photos by Alexis Waldeck and Penati. Page 68 - 69.
-Mainbocher - new day looks and jewel-belted evening dresses worn by Baroness Wiltraud von Furstenberg. Designers: Mollie Parnis, Charles Jourdan (shoes), Chester Weinberg, Richard Palan (white-flower earrings), Eric Lund for Lisa Meril dress, Anne Fogarty, Stanley Hagler earrings, Rings: Sona The Golden One. Christian-Dior New York.
Page 70-75. Photo by Penati.
-Time to get ready, set, go - with new watches
-6 pages of the talented Liza Minnelli in "More Fashion than Money".
Page 94 - 99. Photos by Bert Stern.
-More fashion than money: the bloomer girls; lingerie touches - frills and transparencies; weskits; wrap-dresses; big belts; the chemise Lacoste; the three-quarter dress for evening.
Pge 99 - 109. by Bert Stern.
-Vogue patterns: the weskit and friends
-Mary Victoria Leiter
-Dreamy-new waking and sleeping looks photographed in Santo Domingo
Model Veruschka. Photos by Franco Rubartelli. Page 120 -129.
-The beach Nanas of Niki de Saint-Phalle. Les Nanas Sur La Plage: Bouncy new beach versions of Niki de Saint-Phalles's famous Sculptures. Photos by Bert Stern. Pages 130 - 131.
-Vogue's Own Boutique of Suggestions, Finds, and Observations

-People Are Talking About...Ludmila Savelyeva
-Who is Surrealism? By Salvador Dali. Page 82 - 83.
-Next: On Earth, the Good Life? By Arthur C. Clarke
-Space Glossary....By Frederick I. Ordway, III, and Ivor B. Powell
-Big Lies about Mind-Affecting Drugs. By Jeremy Larner
-Perfection Takes a Little While. By George Bradshaw

-The Light in the Manor - The Hon. Mrs. John Jacob Astor with her daughter, Stella, at Hatley Park, Gamlingay, Sandy, Bedfordshire, in England. Photos by Henry Clarke. Page 132 - 135.

-Beauty Checkout
-Vogue's Ready Beauty
-Cellulite: the fat you couldn't lose before
-Beauty Bulletin: new beauty vocabulary
-"Two Hands and a Point of View." By Pearl Bailey.
Photo by Bert Stern. Page 118 - 119

   Parisian fashions by Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin modeled by Penelope Tree and Twiggy. Summer fashions. Mainbocher--his new day looks worn by Baroness Wiltraud von Furstenberg. Verushka photographed in Santo Domingo. Niki de Saint-Phalle fantasy sculptures of huge, exuberant, popover-shaped women, the famous Nanas.

Photographers: Richard Avedon, Penati, Franco Rubartelli, Bert Stern, Cecil Beaton, Henry Clarke,

Ads: Corum watch, very Saks Fifth Avenue, Galey & Lord (Pearlman), I.Magnin, Barberini, Claircare, The International Silver Company, Cadillac, Best & Co., UltraLucent Fluid by Max Factor, Leslie Fay and Faberge, Bertlyn Corp., Coty, AT & T, Oasis, Leslie Fay in a Celanese Arnel fiber, Helene Curtis, Julianelli lands "She-Shark" Corfam, Lorraine of Antron, Great Chairs by Knoll International, Dacron by Du Pont, The Great Look-in by Renauld International Ltd., L'Air du Temps by Nina Ricci,timepieces designed by David G. Steven for Baume & Mercier, Vanity Fair (photo by Bert Stern), Grande Renaissance by Reed & Barton Silversmiths, Jacequeline Cochran, The Hamilton Petite Classic,

Light reading wear.

144 pages

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